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"Pulled" BBQ Carrot

Vegan / Soy-free / Gluten-Free optional

Our version of this summer staple features sweet & tangy BBQ carrots served warm. Topped with a crunchy, ‍‍‍creamy herbed slaw on a soft whole wheat bun.


Curried Chickpea Wrap

Vegan / Soy-free / Glute‍‍‍n-Free optional

Chickpeas are just about the most versatile bean. They are a nutrient den‍‍‍se food with good carbohydrates the body needs and are low in fat with only 4grams of fat, and with 15 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber per cup.

So, this little versatile beans pairs perfectly in delicious wrap with a tangy and spicy flair. I just know you’ll fall in love with it! I assure you that this will hit the spot and satisfy your craving.


U.B. Lobster Roll

Vegan / Soy-free / Glut‍‍‍en-Free optional

‍‍‍Vegan’s rejoice... Savor our newest creation, the U.B. Lobster Roll. We use hearts of palm as the stand in for lobster for a cruelty-free and delicious New England favorite and now Milwaukee's! Ser‍‍‍ved on a toasted bun and garnished with fresh chives and dill.

Raw Taco Salad

Vegan / Soy-free /‍‍‍ Gluten-Free

Staff favorite here! Our raw taco‍‍‍ salad is topped with a seasoned walnut taco meat, pico de gallo, and a cashew sour cream that is out of this world. Crunchy, refreshing, and so filling!


Tropical Buddha Bowl

Vegan / Soy-free / Gluten-Free

A vegan buddha bowl – that is named thusly after the food in the bowl piling up to look like buddha’s belly!

This is our tasty, full-filling version.  It's filled with warm quinoa, our special jerk spiced chickpeas, fresh spinach, diced pineapple, shredded carrots, and topped off with our house-made mango dressing and toasted coconut flakes.


Green Goddess Sandwich

Vegan / Soy-free / Gluten-‍‍‍Free Optional

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Light, flavorful, and filling-  our Green Goddess is made with a house-made sweet basil pesto, sweet & spicy pickled onions, green apples, cri‍‍‍sp cucumbers, mashed avocado, and spinach all on toasted sprouted grain bread.  


The P.L.T. Sandwich


Portabello Mushrooms, Lettuce, & Tomato - our new "P.L.T." is a must-try! Features perfectly marinated & smoked portabello mushrooms, fresh tomato slices, and crisp iceberg lettuce all on toasted sourdough with a house-made basil aioli.‍‍‍

Vegan / Soy-free / Gluten-Free Optional

The Urban Beet‍‍‍ Burger

Vegan / Soy-free / Glu‍‍‍ten-Free Optional


‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍The Urban BEET burger is a new item that we can't get enough of! The patty is made in-house with beets, GF oats & protein packed s‍‍‍eeds. It's topped with spicy pickled beets, onion, fresh iceberg, and our sweet tahini dill sauce all on a pretzel bun.

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