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At Urban Beets, we are committed to the belief that food is an essential source of our own energy, health, longevity and happiness. Food plays an important role in all our lives and our food choices directly affect the health and welfare of the planet. We care about that.

Our goal is designed to inspire and enable healthy living.

We believe that you should take care of your body (it is, after all, the only place you HAVE to live) without making too many sacrifices along the way. That’s why our thoughtfully planned offerings reflect today’s modern shift toward wellness and better living in our food choices. That’s why our food is made with the utmost care, our products capture what means the most to you: healthy eating, quality food and being eco-friendly.

Premium Quality Means Premium Taste.  

We won’t compromise on quality, and we are 100% plant-based. We also have gluten-free options for most of our menu. We never use chemicals, toxins, preservatives or refined sugars in any of our menu items.


We strongly believe in the value of a plant-based diet relying on natural produce as a main source of wellness for both mind and body. A diet rich in raw whole foods, including fresh produce, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes is strongly linked to lowering the risk of chronic diseases. A plant-based diet also lowers your carbon footprint. Working more whole foods into your diet is a kind way to take care of both your body and the earth.

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‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Urban Beets is a locally owned and operated raw juice bar and cafe in downtown Milwaukee. We serve fresh, raw juice, smoothies, Acai Bowls, a variety of prepared salads and gluten-free vegan fare... and you just can’t leave out our divine raw desserts! Urban Beets is the premier organic, plant-based grab & go retailer Milwaukee, providing fresh breakfast, lunch and made-to-order juice and superfood smoothies that make healthy eating accessible and delicious.

We also serve the best organic low acid coffee/espresso. Urban Beets is Milwaukee’s first juice bar located in the heart of downtown. Our handcrafted, creative juices and smoothies are made fresh to order. Designed to motivate, hydrate and nourish you physically and mentally.



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